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I read through this User Guide, I'm attempting to connect to my instance and run a Deep Learning Code. The problem is half way through the Guide at step 4 after I've converted my .pem to a .ppk the instructions read Select Connection Select AUTH and Select Browse.

There is NO browse option under AUTH except for under the X11 tab, I'm newer than new here and need some clear, real help and possibly some guidance into running code and tooling it as well, Im seeing the post are 2 months to 2 years to 4 years old this is how late I am and I've gotten this far only through ChatGPT is there help?

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Select the key from "Browse" in "Private key file for authentication" in "Credentials" as shown in the image below.

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answered a year ago

EUREKA!!! Thanks Human! Now that I've finally connected to my instance how do I run the prompt, I have Python, do I do this from PuTTy?

Thanks for showing me something so simple, the User Guide did not mention the Credentials Tab.

answered a year ago
  • Upload the Python script to EC2 and run it

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