Connect EventBridge Bus directly to a EventBridge Pipes as a Source


How do I connect an EventBridge Bus directly to an EventBridge Pipes as a Source. So EventBridge Bus -> EventBridge Pipes -> Enrichment (Lambda) -> Pipes Target Event Pattern -> Target (Lambda). As far as I can tell by the documentation and console ops I can only select Steaming services as Pipes Sources. Is this a limitation that is fixed forever?

The scenario I was wanting to implement was my EventBridge Bus events being enriched with feature flag detail pre-populated based on identity and detail-type and to discourage target services making any tightly coupled call(s) to feature flag service. I thought EventBridge Pipes sound best idea as no code would have to be written to plum messages along the "Pipeline" just the Lambda code to enrich messages.

One possible work around I was planning to try was to setup my pipeline. EventBridge Bus -> Rule Event Pattern (*) -> Lambda Target (enriches events based on data from DynamoDb Table w/ Cache) and then code to push events to a second EventBridge Bus -> EventBridge Bus -> Rule Event Pattern(s) -> Target(s).

Would love expert suggestions for alternatives or maybe that this is a planned feature change.


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Hi, You can set Eventbridge bus to send to SQS and Eventbridge Pipe to read from SQS. That way you keep your intended flow with the introduction of one hop ie SQS


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answered 11 days ago

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