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Documentation say. To edit a scheduled task (Amazon ECS console) Open the Amazon ECS console at Choose the cluster in which to edit your scheduled task. On the Cluster: cluster-name page, choose Scheduled Tasks. Select the box to the left of the schedule rule to edit, and choose Edit. Edit the fields to update and choose Update.

But I cannot see the "Scheduled Tasks" option. it was there before but ever since the new interface i cannot see it. Is there anyway that i can edit the scheduled task? I tried rules in eventbridge but it is not letting me edit the contraineroverrides.

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The so-called "scheduled task" is task after using event bridge rules to run tasks on a schedule. The document may need update. Refer to the snapshot of creating the scheduled task. Hope it helps.

EventBridge rule creation step 1/2

EventBridge  rule creation step 3/4

EventBridge  Rules

ECS tasks

For details. you can refer to below links.

answered a year ago

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