How to find redshift cluster version details


I am facing lot of redshift problems lately which has been boiled down to a redshift cluster upgrade that occurred. The problem is to search for details for the old and new cluster versions.

Previous redshift cluster version: 1.0.34922

Current redshift cluster version: 1.0.34928

Can someone please help me with the documentation of these two cluster versions?

What I tried and failed: visiting this page( and then re:post redshift announcements ( to search for the cluster details.

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Hi ,

the two version you mention are the last minor release of tow different different Major releases, you were looking in the right places:

Previous redshift cluster version: 1.0.34922 : Major Version (10/20/2021)

Current redshift cluster version: 1.0.34928: Major Version (11/15/2021)

hope this helps,

answered 2 years ago

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