How to enable SSL on AWS LightSail websites



I'm trying to enable SSL on my websites hosted in AWS LightSail.

At first I created a certificate in ACM and attached it to my domain, but that apparently was incorrect. Now, I've created the certificate in LightSail -> Account -> Certificates and it says "Valid, not in use", which seems closer to the right thing, but I don't see any further steps to take.

I've searched Google quite a bit, and I feel like I've hit a dead end. The https version of my website brings up the Bitnami default page. Filezilla stfp doesn't look like it has anything different either.

What should I do next?

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ACM can not be directly used with Lightsail instance. It can be used either with a load balancer or content delivery network (CDN) configuration.

Here are few links which can help

I hope this helps.

answered a year ago

Another way is to use free SSL using LetsEncrypt, try this tutorial from digital ocean (irony?)

On Lightsail you just need to create static IP and enable HTTP/S port.

answered a year ago

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