[API/SDK] How can I get the DNS that I should assign to the verified domain?


Hello, I'm using the SDK (PHP). When I add a new domain via SDK, where can I retrieve the DNS entry that I must create when registering/authorizing a new SES domain. I didn't find this information in the AWS documentation.


Thank u!

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The domain to be verified with "verifyDomainIdentity" must be obtained by you at a domain registrar such as Route53 or Cloudflare.
The following document describes how to obtain a domain with Route53.

By the way, please note that when acquiring a domain with Route53, the fees listed in the document below will be charged.

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answered 2 months ago

Hello, I think I expressed myself badly.

I already have the test.com domain, when I add this email via API to Amazon SES (Identities), I would like to know which DNS entry (via API) I should insert into Cloudflare.

Thank u!

answered a month ago

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