Adding columns to Timestream table in the AWS web query editor

0 it possible?

I am trying to add a column to a table called "MedFlaminator". I just created the table and it has the default layout. Two columns exist:

measure_name varchar MEASURE_NAME

time timestamp TIMESTAMP

My query looks like this:

alter table MedFlaminator add column feedback_score int

I have tried all kinds of combinations of this query. I am getting the following error:

10:58:16 AM Failed The query syntax is invalid at line 1:1 alter table MedFlaminator add column feedback_score int

What is wrong here?

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Accepted Answer

I found my answer. Although Timestream uses sql language the database tables are not managed the same way. Timestream tables get columns automatically added based on what data you send them. I highly recommend watching this deep dive (it really isn't that hard). This video is very, very worth while.

answered 9 months ago

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