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Hello. I'm using CloudFront with S3 bucket. I received a notification that I need to change the storage type s3. Before this I used Standard-IA . If I change to Intelligent-Tiering, will I have problems with their interaction and will the speed of access to static images increase?

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Standard-IA is a storage class suitable for objects that are used infrequently.
It provides the same performance as the standard class at a lower storage price, but unlike the standard class, you are charged for data retrieval, so I think it is not very suitable for use with S3, which is the origin of CloudFront.

Intelligent-Tiering moves data to the most cost-effective access tier based on access frequency.
Therefore, objects that are frequently accessed can be left as they are, while objects that are not accessed can be moved to the infrequently accessed tier.
In general, if you host it using standard classes, there will be no performance impact.

Therefore, I think it would be a good idea to change the storage class considering costs and other factors.
I think the answer at the URL below will be helpful.

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Switching your S3 storage class from Standard-IA (Infrequent Access) to Intelligent-Tiering should not cause any problems with Cloud Front's interaction with your S3 bucket. In fact, it can be beneficial in terms of cost management and potentially access speed for static images.

Once go through this link:-

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