Failed to start LSB: Bring up/down networking.


你好,我今天使用Cloud Desktops, 突然docker启动不了,查看原因,发现网卡启动失败,如下日志,请问是什么原因?

● network.service - LSB: Bring up/down networking Loaded: loaded (/etc/rc.d/init.d/network; bad; vendor preset: disabled) Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Mon 2023-05-08 06:55:24 UTC; 1min 32s ago Docs: man:systemd-sysv-generator(8) Process: 10542 ExecStart=/etc/rc.d/init.d/network start (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE) Tasks: 2 Memory: 238.4M CGroup: /system.slice/network.service ├─6241 /sbin/dhclient -q -lf /var/lib/dhclient/ -pf /var/run/ -H dev-dsk-xukainan-2c-42f69bef e... └─6282 /sbin/dhclient -6 -nw -lf /var/lib/dhclient/ -pf /var/run/ eth0 -H dev-dsk-xukainan-2c...

Please report for this software via the Amazon Linux Forums: exiting. failed. [FAILED] network.service: control process exited, code=exited status=1 Failed to start LSB: Bring up/down networking. Unit network.service entered failed state. network.service failed. XMT: Solicit on eth0, interval 110440ms.

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From the details provided I understand that are experiencing issue to load the network service on the resource you use to run Docker containers. I assume that the errors provided came from the base Operating System, and not from the container itself. Configuration changes or dependencies required by the container service might have improperly modified the base network configurations.

If your host Operating System runs on EC2, you can try the following

If your base Operating System runs on Workspaces , you may want to restore it. Quoting the Workspaces Documentation:

Restoring a WorkSpace recreates both the root volume and user volume, based on the most recent snapshots of these volumes that were created when the WorkSpace was healthy

I hope it helps

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