EC2 and RDS instance size for running LMS Moodle with 10,000 CCU


I'm working on deploying a Moodle LMS application running on a LAMP stack (linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) on AWS for a traffic load of 10,000 concurrent users. However, despite your research, I'm unsure about the appropriate EC2 instance size and RDS instance size for this level of traffic.

If you have experience in this matter, please provide some recommendations regarding the configuration and the number of instances that can be scaled to meet the specified requirements.

  • When you say 10,000 concurrent users, do you mean you are going to have 10,000 registered users each of whom you expect to be accessing the Moodle app at some point every day (or week, or month)? Or do you mean 10,000 users all being logged in and clicking on the same link at the same time, and this resulting in 10,000 connections being opened to the database?

    These are very different use cases, and the optimal configration (and cost) are going to be orders of magnitude different.

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The Moodle Forums for Hardware and Performance might be a better place to ask this

The Moodle Performance FAQ has a link for a Moodle setup for 10K simultaneous users

That last link is 15 years old, here's one from just last month that might be more relevant

If you can get a ballpark figure for CPU and memory - for both the app and database tiers - then the AWS re:Post community could inform you better on what the optimal solution would look like.

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