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Prevent users to share the stream endpoint



Is there a more efficient method of preventing users from sharing the stream endpoint with other users than limiting the JWT token expiration to a few seconds? Is there a way to invalidate the token as soon as the video stream loads for the first time to the first user?


1 Answers

Thank you for using IVS. Currently, using the IVS playback authorization is the most efficient method of restricting an IVS stream. As you mentioned, altering the Unix timestamp can allow for certain users to join during a certain timeframe. Although it is worth noting that if a user refreshes the application (requests the playback URL again), after the timestamp has expired, their access will be denied. Depending on the application’s use case, a new JWT token can be requested with an updated timestamp (depending on the viewer’s access to the stream).

As well, we have a few ongoing product feature requests related to playback authentication in which we will update with this use case. As always, Amazon IVS appreciates all feedback for the service, as this drives future development.

answered 2 years ago

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