Please recommend EC2 instance type.


I'm a cloud student.

The number of simultaneous users of the banking apps is 50 million. The average number of users is 10 million and the minimum is 9 million.

I wonder how to set the instance type (CPU, Memory) at this time.

Also, I wonder if there is a standard for setting this.

Thank you.

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There is no specific instance type you must use in this case, but with the provided info, I would look into general purposes and compute optimized instances here., and probably start with T series or C series (2x large as minimum and then probably vertically scaling them)

Also is no just about the instance type. You may think that if you buy a huge instance then you are done. Fir that load, you need to probably need to consider autoscaling group of MANY instances behind anELB load balancer ALB/NLB).

Once you have this structure, build it and perform stress tests to assess its resilience and scalability.

Hope it helps.

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answered 19 days ago

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