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I am using SMB file share on an EC2 m6a.xlarge S3 File Gateway. I've also setup AWS Directory Service and file gateway is joined to its domain and access to it is setup with Windows Always on VPN with RAS and NPS servers hosted on EC2 itself. When SMB is mounted on windows very frequently the file share stops responding despite all metrics on File Gateway being well with normal range. How can this be resolved?

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There could be multiple reasons but it might be helpful to know more about the environment to better assist with the issue.

Can you please share the below:

  • Where the clients are located ? on-prem or EC2
  • Are you using IP or DNS to map the file share ?
  • Any error message you see when the share stops responding?
  • Were you able to test the connectivity to the gateway and DC when the share disconnects?
  • Is a single VPN client mapping the share is having trouble or multiple clients mapping the share?

I would recommend to please open a case with AWS support for further investigation and timely resolution of the issue.

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  • Hello, thanks for replying.

    1. Clients are located on prem (Windows 10/11 clients) and they connect to the Storage Gateway(EC2) via Windows Always On VPN.
    2. file share is mapped via IP
    3. No error message, but on double clicking on a file within the file share, the client computer stops responding an no other clients are able to access the storage gateway (it hangs for them as well).
    4. When we facing this 'Not responding behavior', pings to the storage gateway are still working uninterrupted from the client machine. When share is disconnected and reconnected we are still seeing this issue even after multiple restarts.
    5. Multiple clients are facing this

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