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AWS Codebuild is stuck in the queue phase on US-EAST-1


Is anyone facing issues with AWS Codebuild getting stuck in the queue phase?

AWS Codebuild is stuck in the queue and never kicks off build in US-EAST-1.

I have the same exact codebuild replicated in the US-EAST-2 region and it runs fine there. To be clear: the actual build does not kick off. This is not a buildspec.yml issue.

I'm building using Amazon Linux 2 ARM64. I presume that there's issues in US-EAST-1 with ARM64 builds.

Any advice to get over this hurdle?

I logged tickets with support but so far nothing.

1 Answer


Currently, there are no ongoing Codebuild issues in us-east-1. To troubleshoot this issue, we require details that are non-public information and require that a support case is opened. Your course of action is best and I recommend you select the right severity levels and the support engineer should be able to look into your account data promptly to identify the issue.

answered 5 months ago

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