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Hi all,

We were checking the new UI for ECS and notice that the option "Value from" on environment variables inside Task definition is missing. the options available are import from S3 and individual value that refers to Value as a literal String. also options like entry point or command are missing too. will this old features be added again? "value from" option is critical as this is the only way to add the values that will call parameter store or secret via ARN from console.

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Hello Shaggy,

Thanks for reaching out to us! I've relayed your feedback regarding the new console to the ECS team. I've notified the team about the inability to specify options such as entryPoint, command or reference environment variables from Secrets Manager or Systems Manager Parameter Store using valueFrom.

While the team is working on improving the experience with the new console, I would recommend reverting to the old-console to register new task-definitions. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any additional questions.

answered 2 years ago

Hey There,

As per latest console update fields to add per container Entry point, Command and Working directory override is now available under docker configuration section.

Docker configuration

Also fields to add environment variable from S3, SSM, Secrets Manager is now available under Environment variables section.

Environment variables

answered 5 months ago

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