MySQL RDS Performance issue(RDS instance restart)


Hello Team, MySQL RDS instance has been restarted on its own and now online. Would like to know why it was restarted and root cause and fix to not repeat.

Only I see from CloudWatch is below one. Please help guide with steps to diagnose and fix the issue as I was not quite sure where to see logs on RDS.Thanks for your help! ![Screenshot!] (\cscinfo\dfs\homes\WilKtoZ\syadlapa\Desktop\11.png)

Best Regards, Ravi Yadlapalli

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Thank you for reaching out. I understand you are observed a restart in the RDS MySQL instance and you would like to know the reason and preventive measures to avoid in future.

Unfortunately the screenshot is not loading in my end.

Please refer to this link which discuss about identifying the root cause for Restart or Failover in RDS instance.

Proactive measures : Please refer to the link which will guide you to set up cloud-watch alarms in RDS Metrics and pro-actively monitor those. You can create a CloudWatch Alarm to monitor and send alerts when the RDS metric goes beyond a certain threshold limit.CloudWatch uses Amazon SNS to send an email.

The above information will provide you with details to triage the issue. However, Please note this is general guidance only. In order to understand the issue fully, we require details that are non-public information. Please open a support case with AWS using the following link.

As always, Happy Cloud Computing.

answered 2 years ago

For some reason, the screenshot is not loading here. Do you see any additional messaging around events when it says restarted? An instance can restart for many reasons and this blog explains it it points to some failure.

You can look at RDS events as explained here. Please note that console only shows event from last 24 hours, but you can use API/CLI to look at events up to 14 days.

In addition to that, if you have AWS support plan, you can also open a support case with them and they can investigate the instance restart for you.

answered 2 years ago

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