Unidentified charges to my credit card


I see every month a small charge to my credit card. I don't use AWS recently - and can't figure out what am I charged for Please help

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Hello, can you navigate to this page after you login to your account? It should show all the details of any service you are using. - https://us-east-1.console.aws.amazon.com/billing/home?region=us-east-1#/bills

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Ray T
answered 10 months ago
  • Sign in to Your AWS Account: Even if you're not actively using AWS, you should be able to sign in and look at your billing details. AWS provides an extensive breakdown of all the charges.

  • Check the AWS Cost Explorer: This tool can help you understand where costs are coming from within your account. It may help you identify a resource or service that you've forgotten about.

  • Contact AWS Support: If you're unable to determine the source of the charges yourself, AWS Support is likely the best path to resolution. You can open a support ticket directly from the AWS Management Console, and they should be able to investigate the charges and help you understand what they are for. If the charges are indeed erroneous, they can also assist with resolving the issue.

  • Check for Unused Resources: Sometimes, charges may be related to unused resources that are still running. Check for any lingering EC2 instances, EBS volumes, or other services that might be incurring charges.

  • Examine Linked Accounts: If you have linked accounts, ensure that you check the billing details for each of these as well, as charges may be related to a service running in a different linked account.

  • Consider Closing Your AWS Account: If you are not using AWS anymore and want to make sure you don't incur any further charges, you may consider closing your account after making sure all services and resources are terminated.

Remember, these are general guidelines, and the best course of action will likely be to contact AWS Support directly, as they can access your specific account information and assist you more effectively.

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answered 10 months ago

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