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The logs aren't updating in cloudwatch log group for an ECS task


I have 9 ecs service running at my end and we are getting logs for 8 services in cloudwatch ....the 1 service which is causing the issue have same log driver configuration likewise all i.e. awslogs but still it's not getting the logs. Sometime back I was getting logs in perfect way but now the logs aren't updating (We get the container starting logs but when container gets started afterwards the logs aren't updating). I have checked the below methods to sort out this issue but still stuck with it. Possible Reasons: Amazon ECS container logs aren't delivered to CloudWatch Logs due to one or more of the following reasons:  The awslogs log driver is not configured correctly in your Amazon ECS task definitions.  The AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role doesn't have the required permissions.  There are issues with your networking configuration.  The log level for the container is not configured correctly.

All these things I have checked thoroughly. All other microservices have same configuration and they are working perfectly fine. Do let me know for any possible solutions. Using ECS Cluster with EC2-type and also the log configuration shows the awslogs in the task definitions as well.

Regards, Gaurav Singh

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