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How to configure a serverless sagemaker endpoint?


I am expermenting with a sagemaker serverless endpoint (sample code below to create an endpoint from aws documentation). but I keep getting error when the endpoint is invoked , has anyone run into this issue - 'Error - / .sagemaker/ts/models/model.mar already exists. Please specify --force/-f option to overwrite the model archive output file' .

response = client.create_endpoint_config(
            "ModelName": "<your-model-name>",
            "VariantName": "AllTraffic",
            "ServerlessConfig": {
                "MemorySizeInMB": 2048,
                "MaxConcurrency": 20
1 Answer

Hi! Can you share a screenshot of the error message and the command you run to get the error message? The reason I'm asking is that the code snippet you provided is just one part of setting up the endpoint and it might not be related to the actual error message.

answered 7 months ago

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