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/Issue with CDK version v1 running on CICD image server/

Issue with CDK version v1 running on CICD image server


Hi All, We have CICD CDK build pipeline running on linux2 image server having node version 12.x and CDK version 1.132.0 Since 09th or 10th of June it started giving error as "Unexpected Token ?" and exit code of 1. All constructs are same, no change.

We tried to upgrade the CDK version also to latest version, but did not work. What can be done here to fix? Node versions are defaulted and we can change as it is managed by AWS.


1 Answers

Hello there,

You can enable verbose output in your cdk commends, like cdk synth -vvv and cdk deploy -vvv so you have more information about the error.

Also To best troubleshoot this issue, we require information that is non-public information. Please open a support case with AWS Support using the following link

answered 15 days ago

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