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Hi, I opened an AWS account a few years ago to check it out and play around with it a little. I don't know why but I just received an email telling me that some free tier period is about to expire and I will be charged soon. I thought I already deleted everything a few years ago but to make sure I went to the Billing Console and tried to find out what was still running. Everything is empty. So I read this post and since I get a lot (!) of search results when I did a resource search (much more than I ever used) I assume somehow something is running. Please tell me how to find and stop/delete everything so I won't get billed for something I don't use. Any help is much appreciated!

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Hi - I think the knowledge article that you have is correct one and should follow the same In addition you can also explore Also some resources, you can also have them in stop state

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answered a year ago
  • Thanks for your answer! So this is getting frustrating... I set up the resource explorer and it found no resources. When I checked again half an hour later it found 466 resources. I'm not sure if the search just took a while or if these are now there because I set up the resource explorer. But more importantly: how can I delete them?

  • I tried out this tool called aws-nuke and excluded nothing. It deleted 149 resources. Now when I check for active resources (first link) I only get 19 hits. With the resource explorer (second link) I get 460 hits. Could it be that the remaining stuff is just always there? It's things like ec2:dhcp-options, ec2:internet-gateway, ec2:network-acl, ec2:route-table, ec2:security-group, ec2:security-group-rule, ec2:subnet, ec2:vpc, elasticache:parametergroup, elasticache:user, iam:role.

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answered 10 months ago

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