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AWS Cost Explorer Tags Not Showing All Values of ec2 instance tags


Cost Explorer is only showing some value of tags, not all, i have added tag key=id and value=instance_id and name tag to every instance and those values of tags are unique for every ec2 instance but in cost explorer some of values are listed not all. I added those tags after allocating in billing console even after 24 hour not all values are shown what am i missing.

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1 Answer

Make sure the tags you want to show up in Cost Explorer are enabled as Cost Allocation tags.

Here is relevant documentation about how to activate user-defined tags as cost allocation tags:

Keep in mind that data will only show up from the point in time that a tag is activated as a cost allocation tag and beyond. Data will not backfill and it may take up to 24 hours for it to show up in Cost Explorer.

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answered a month ago
  • hey chris yes i enabled tag as cost allocation tags after allocating i added values to those tags for each ec2 instance and after 24 hours tags are showing in cost explorer but after clicking tags not all values are shown

  • Can you try adjusting the date range to maybe past 7 days to see if it shows up?

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