How can i be sure i'm using EC2-VPC and not EC2-Classic?


I'm using an old account but i'm a beginner at AWS so i need some help to make sure im using VPC and not Classic so i don't lose my instances when they retire classic. I've read other topics that say that if an instance has VPC-ID defined it means that it's on a VPC, but i just want to make sure. I have 5 instances, 4 of them have VPC-ID: VPC name, but there's an old instance that's like this:VPC-ID: - Does this VPC-ID thing work for RDS too? Meaning if it's defined, it's in a VPC? But apart from that, is there any other way to make sure they're already in a VPC and won't be deleted? I created the instances and rds's last year (I tried using the script but it's too complicated to do with my current knowledge)

Thank you for your help and patience

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AWS is already notifying the remaining EC2-Classic customers via their account teams, and will soon start to issue notices in the Personal Health Dashboard.

All AWS accounts created after December 4, 2013 are already VPC-only, unless EC2-Classic was enabled as a result of a support request.

Refer section, "Finding EC2-Classic Resources" in the below mentioned blog and you ll be able to find anything related to EC2-classic in the account. Use the same and migrate the EC2- classic to VPC.

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