AWS billing - no charges associated in my bank


I received an email from AWS with a billing of $0.11, but I don't see any associated charges on my credit card from my bank.

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First, I would suggest to check the status of the charge in your billing console: Billing Dashboard -> Bills. Check the relevent month, which you got the message about. For example, if it's supposed to be a monthly charge, and for example if it's for March 2023, you can find more info under "Payment information", specifically "Payment status". Check if it's "Paid", "Received", or anything else... It may be that the monthly charges up to a particular amount (potentially, below $0.12 or maybe below $0.13???) are automatically waived, and your total monthly charges just happened to fall within that "window". Depending on what you find in the payment information of your billing console, if you still have other questions or concerns, please open a support case from your account and ask our billing support team for more info or advise regarding this, as they are best positioned to help you depending on your specific account/billing settings:

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