Allow Transcribe and Translate to be used for multiple projects on the same account


How can I pave the way for a single AWS account to be used for multiple projects? I have an account that will be used for multiple project teams that should not be able to see each others' work. These projects will be using S3, Transcribe, and Translate. I also need to be able to provide showback billing reports to indicate costs incurred by each separate project team.

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I published the solution with examples to this public repo:

It essentially involves the use of dedicated S3 buckets for each project. Access to the buckets is controlled by IAM policies assigned to the IAM role for each project team.

A set of EventBridge rules with Lambda functions allows the Transcribe jobs to be tagged so that they can be broken down per-project in Cost Explorer.

Unfortunately, Translate does not yet include resource tags in its API. I provided the instructions and code to use that feature if/when it becomes available.

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I like Eric's answer. My "answer" is more like thinking outside the box and may not be helpful.


AWS is going to be changing sign-on to make it better. I wonder if this ties to Identity Center. Should you look at Identity center as a possible good long term solution unless you are already using SSO with your account at which point you already know this.

Why Identity Center

  • it allows you to make multiple "organizations" that are managed by your Identity center admin.
  • you could even use it to merge multiple accounts which I suspect is well beyond what you want/need to do.
  • SSO has some cool advantages.
  • Identity center is not a simple migration. So unless Identity Center is something you can see for other benefits then skip this crazy idea.
Allen S
answered a month ago
  • 100% agreed. I'm using it for an Org that uses Organizations and SSO, but this allows my department to be a little less dependent on centralized IT and Finance to constantly churn out new accounts. The strategy will work either way regardless of whether Organizations and/or SSO is implemented .

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