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Amazon Workspaces (Windows) : Is it possibile to use Google G Suite IdP for SSO ?


I am building out a Workspaces demo for a customer. They only use G Suit (for apps and identity) and have no Active Directory. The ask is if it is possible to use Google G Suite as an IdP to provide their users a SSO experience between G Suite and their Workspaces environment.

I understand that Workspaces needs an AD compliant directory using either (AD Connector to a running AD, Simple AD or AWS Managed Microsoft AD) to host the Workspaces users. I do not know however if it is possible to federate between G Suit, AD and therefore Workspaces (which I imagine would be the approach if this is possible?).

Any guidance or suggestions on this would be most appreciated.


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WorkSpaces does require an actual Active Directory setup, so G Suite authentication won't work for WorkSpaces authentication. They can still use it for in-session authentication to their existing applications; we don't limit what customers can or cannot run from within the WorkSpaces. Federation can't happen to any SAML provider into Active Directory; this is a limitation of Active Directory and not the service itself.

answered 3 years ago

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