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Redshift equivalent Hash function.


I am looking to convert hash function to Redshift, below is the link for the definition of the function.

This hash8 function produces 64 bit integer(based on Jenkins algorithm) for input string and looks like the equivalent hash algorithm is not present in Redshift.

As a workaround we are re-creating hash values using FNV_HASH but due to large number of impacted tables and size wanted to confirm on the availability of equivalent function in Redshift.

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Not inbuilt, but i wrote something similar:

create function hash8 (varchar) returns bigint immutable as $$ select strtol(to_hex(strtol(substr(md5($1), 1, 1), 16) & 7) || substr(md5($1), 2, 15), 16) $$ language sql;

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answered 2 years ago

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