Sudden Growth Complaint Rate without any Complaints from Emails


we sent about 500 emails to valid email IDs. The email IDs are Gmail and Yahoo IDs. For that particular sent our complaints increased without any emails going to spam. we have been monitoring the complaints through the SNS and SES configuration set and there were 0 complaints. Still, there was an increase in our complaints. Is this issue caused by an SES complaint rate error & is there some way we can resolve it?

Also wanted to know if I can use the same domain for requesting production access in different regions for SES, will the complaint rate be restarted or be the same as it was for the previous region

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Please open a support ticket. For the first question, it may be a sign that you have a credential compromised, but you will need to provide more details to support in order to diagnose the problem.

For the second question, yes you can use the same domain identity in multiple regions. Regarding your question about complaint rate, it is reported based on your sending activity per region. There is no ability to reset your complaint rate because it is a direct reflection of recipients complaining about the messages being sent from your account.

answered 7 months ago
  • so the reputation metrics will have different % rates based on the sent for each region

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