ECS Fargate + Service Connect Metrics in CloudWatch


We use ECS Fargate with Service Connect enabled for our microservices. I also have ContainerInsights enabled and LogConfigurations set at the task definition and ECS service levels. According to we should be able to see many different performance metrics when Service Connect is enabled. The one I need is: RequestCount.

I am able to find ActiveConnectionCount, NewConnectionCount, ProcessedBytes, and TargetProcessedBytes which are also Service Connect metrics. However, I am not able to find RequestCount in the metrics under ECS in the console.

Any ideas on how to get the Service Connect/ECS RequestCount metric to be available?

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Hi, the requestCount is probably missing because you didn't configured the appProtocol in the port mapping in the task definition. You can re-deploy your service with the new task definition that you should be able to have the full list of available metrics.

answered 3 months ago

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