Is there an ip-block for whitelisting?



Is there an ip-block for whitelisting to access our cloud resources within Grafana? For example, if we have an RDS instance and want to use that as a data-source within Grafana. We use known IPs for access and would need the IP or ip-block to whitelist to allow this connection to happen. Thanks in advance.


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Received a response from Amazon... they are working on a VPC connections that can be used for this sort of a behavior with Q3 as target. For the timebeing, we can add the following IPs into a security group to allow whatever the resource:

Tested this on my preview dashboard and all is well now.

answered 3 years ago
  • Yeah, VPC Endpoint make sense as a solution this problem.


It is hard for me to believe no one faced this in the three months this has been in preview. Looking at a couple of threads in the forum here, I see they are similar to mine, but I see no responses.

I could download per the document at:

Running the following jq command shows me 4087 entries to work with.
$ jq '.prefixes[]|{ip_prefix,region:"us-east-1"}|.ip_prefix' ip-ranges.json

I wonder if creating a security group with these 4087 entries is good enough to get started with Grafana. Any thoughts?

answered 3 years ago

Is there an update on this feature as of yet? We need it as we don't want to expose our VPC RDS instances on public interfaces.

answered 2 years ago

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