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Amazon Polly changes intonation during playing audio.



Amazon Polly changes intonation during playing audio. Step to reproduce:

  1. Open
  2. Choose voice Matthew, Male
  3. Turn on SSML
  4. Try to play this:
"Hold it up to the light."I did so, and saw a large "E" with a small "g," a "P," and a large "G" with a small "t" woven into the texture of the paper. "What do you make of that?"

You can hear that second sentence playing with different intonation. This issue is related to each voice from the list of voices. If you remove from the second sentence "g," a "P," then intonation does not change.


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1 Answer

Have you used prosody tag [1] ? It is something that is recommended to control the Volume, Speaking Rate, and Pitch. I believe you can use the prosody tag with the right attribute to set the pitch (Value) on here.

For example: pitch

default: Resets pitch to the default level for the current voice.

x-low, low, medium, high, x-high: Sets the pitch to a predefined value for the current voice.

+n% or -n%: Adjusts pitch by a relative percentage. For example, a value of +0% means no baseline pitch change, +5% gives a little higher baseline pitch, and -5% results in a little lower baseline pitch.

You can try the above variations and check if you are able to get the intonation desired.

Regarding checking the audio in the account. I do not believe anyone will have the permission to view the same, except if you can open the case with AWS Support.

Link- -- [1]

answered a month ago

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