AWS IoT Core and MQTT 5


Amazon announced MQTT 5 support

but it does not seem to work for AWS IoT Core. We get this error response

CONNACK rc=0x84 Reason String CONNACK:MQTT5 is not supported on Symantec (iot Data) endpoint.:29689f9a-8d23-cd33-65a9-0fb536f55cd5

to a MQTT CONNECT, while MQTT 3.1.1 works as always. What do we need to do to use MQTT 5 with AWS IoT?

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MQTT5 is only supported on ATS endpoints.

Check also this blog post on why the legacy Symantec endpoints should not be used and why you should migrate to ATS endpoints.

Additional documentation on the different endpoint type can be accessed at Connecting devices to AWS IoT



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answered a year ago

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