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We have a need to dispatch a global URL domain to regional service based on the User location. The regional URL domain contains the region info in it and there is no differentiating path parameter. How can we achieve this with Route53, Cloudfront distribution given that in Cloudfront multiple origin can ONLY be based on Path parameters ? for illustration, assume domains like these.
Global domain -->
region1 domain ->
region2 domain -->
If we use Cloudfront distributions for each regional domain, based on the Cloudfront documentation, it's a requirement that one of the alternate domain name much include the global domain as well. In this case, how can we provide the global domain ( in each regional Cloudfront distribution ?

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You would use Route53 to control which Origin the CloudFront caches are trying to contact. See this blog post for a comprehensive discussion of how to achieve this.

answered 9 months ago

CloudFront with origin failover is for requirement of high availability. Not domain control based on User location. I think important factor would be how you need to control the domain user accessed. Therefore, you need to consider how "dispatch a global URL domain to regional service based on the User location" more detail. After that, it would be better to consider which following routing policy is proper for this case.

Either one would be better from Geolocation routing policy, Geoproximity routing policy or Latency routing policy.

answered 9 months ago

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