IAM Authentication to RDS Aurora Serverless PostgreSQL Proxy (Non-Public)


I have a non-public DB Cluster & a Proxy (Aurora RDS PostgreSQL Serverless v2 13.7). It's in a VPC with private subnets. The Security Group is same for both Cluster and Proxy. Inbound rule allows TCP for Self Referenced Security Group on 5432 port. Outbound rule allows all traffic (

I have a Lambda function (Python) in the same VPC, subnets and Security Group. I have also created an IAM user and attached a Policy for rds-db:connect. Likewise, I have a similar policy attached to the Lambda also for rds-db:connect. I manually created this IAM user into PG database, but without password and attached rds_iam role.

However, I tried various ways to authenticate with the Proxy using IAM, but nothing seems to be working. I would really appreciate, if someone can please provide the code sample for this in Python. I am not even sure which certificate to use. Please help.

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From your query, I could understand that you wanted to authenticate RDS Aurora Serverless Postgresql proxy using IAM_Authentication. I would like to inform that currently Aurora Serverless (Both MySQL and PostgreSQL) does not support IAM DB authentication, this is also listed in the public facing documentation linked below:

[+] Using Amazon Aurora Serverless - Limitations of Aurora Serverless - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/AuroraUserGuide/aurora-serverless.html#aurora-serverless.limitations

That being said, there is an existing feature request for incorporating the "IAM DB Authentication" for Aurora Serverless clusters. I have added your concern to justify the feature request indicating your interest in the availability of this feature. Meanwhile, I request you to keep an eye on our What's New[1] and Blog pages[2] for any new feature announcements.


[1] https://aws.amazon.com/new/
[2] https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/

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