Case sensitivity problem in view of JSON in a SUPER column


I have JSON data containing mixed-case keys in a column of type SUPER. Example JSON:

"MyKey1": "value 1",
"MyKey2": "value 2"

Long story short, to query fields I have to set enable_case_sensitive_identifier to true and quote the identifiers.

set enable_case_sensitive_identifier to true;
select column."MyKey1", column."MyKey2" from table;

Without setting enable_case_sensitive_identifier to true, redshift downcases the identifiers and returns null for "mykey1" and "mykey2".

But now I need to make a view where I split the JSON into individual columns, with a query such as the above. And it's back to downcasing and returning null when I query the view.

Is there any way to set a parameter in a view? Or some other way to force case-sensitive identifiers?

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It works if you create a parameter group where you set enable_case_sensitive_identifier to true, and configure your database to use it (and reboot cluster.) I had to delete and recreate my view before it worked.

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