Importing Datasets into AWS Glue DataBrew from PostgreSQL tables with Case Sensitive names


Hello, I'm trying to import datasets in DataBrew from a PostgreSQL db. Some tables have Case Sensitive names, others don't. When I try to import Tables with only lowercase letters in their names, everything works well and I'm able to use the dataset. However when the table name includes both lower and upper case letters, the data access fails with the following error :

An error occurred while calling o106.count. ERROR: relation "genphensql.sequencingdata" does not exist

Indeed the table is registered in glue as genphensql.sequencingdata. However the real table name is "GenPhenSQL"."SequencingData". In Glue, all my ETL scripts work for feeding data into my PostgreSQL database. However, as DataBrew uses the table name stored by Glue to try and access the table, this fails.

Is there any plan to resolve this problem at the moment from the Glue/DataBrew teams? I think it's a recurrent problem as I have seen other related questions to upper/lowercase table names

Thanks a lot for your help !

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