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I run into an issue where my amazon instance was not responsive and I get the following error upstream not found 519, I was able to migrate the instance to an EC2 instance and got access to the serial console, and was able to determine the following services are failing UNIT LOAD ACTIVE SUB DESCRIPTION
● cloud-config.service loaded failed failed Apply the settings specifi ● cloud-final.service loaded failed failed Execute cloud user/final s ● cloud-init-local.service loaded failed failed Initial cloud-init job (pr ● cloud-init.service loaded failed failed Initial cloud-init job (me ● fail2ban.service loaded failed failed Fail2Ban Service
● networking.service loaded failed failed Raise network interfaces ● loaded failed failed Service fo

also im not sure it this means anything but I couldnt find an ETH0 interface.

Can somebody guide me as to what to do to recover my instance?

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After creating a snapshot of the Lightsail root volume using the steps in the document below, attach the volume to a healthy Lightsail.
After attaching the volume, check the system log and network configuration settings to make sure there are no problems.

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