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What is the maximum number of emails that can be sent by SES? 1,maximum number/1sec 2, maximum number / 1day、 What if I exceed that limit?

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You can find everything in those docs:

In short, it depends if you are still in the sandbox or not.

In Sandbox it's

  1. 1email/s
  2. 200emails/day

For non-sandbox, it is automatically adjustable.

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As you move out of the Sandbox, you'll be given a starter quota, which I think was something like 100k emails/day and 50 emails/second. If you exceed that, you'll run into errors trying to send the additional emails. You can request limit increases.

The initial limit of 100k and 50 emails/second were enough for us for simple server notification emails, but as we moved into more promotional emails, the 50 emails/second was a limiting number for us because we were using the SendBulkTemplatedEmail, which itself is limited to 50 emails per call. But while that was going on, we couldn't send any other email because the 50 emails/second limit was account-wide. You can work around that by not sending all 50 at one time until you establish your reputation and can request a bigger quota.

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Hi, good question.

As the other users have commented, AWS SES is setup with account/region limits. Keep in mind if you request limit increases in one region, you may need to do the same in other regions as needed.

Accounts will start in an SES Sandbox mode, which does the following:

  • Sending Quota of 200 for Maximum number of emails that you can send in a 24-hour period for this account in the current AWS Region.
  • Sending rate of 1 for Maximum number of emails that Amazon SES can accept each second for this account in the current AWS Region.
  • Maximum message size (MB) of 10 for the maximum message size that you can send. This includes any images and attachments that are part of the email after MIME encoding. For example, if you attach a 5MB file, the attachment size in the email after MIME encoding will be ~6.85MB (about 137% of the original file size).
  • You can only send from and to verified emails and domains (you can also send to the SES simulator). More information about SES Sandbox and moving to SES Production Mode:

For more information about how to increase/modify these via Service Quotas, Support or SES Sandbox -> Production, please see here:

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