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/DMS using client Vpn - is it possible?/

DMS using client Vpn - is it possible?


i wnat to migrate my DB , so i use DMS service using client VPN but data is very scarce. I am trying to use DMS using client VPN. 2003 error keeps popping up. Could the client vpn not be able to use the DMS service?? If yes, how can I do it?

  • DMS requires connectivity between the VPC and on-premises. Have you debugged the connectivity path to ensure you are not blocking the connection?

  • yes... I do....

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From the comment I agree with Rodney that in order to use DMS with client VPN, you may take a look at link below:

"In this configuration, the VPC security group must include a routing rule that sends traffic destined for a VPC CIDR range or specific IP address to a host. This host must be able to bridge traffic from the VPC into the on-premises VPN."

Regarding to the 2003 error, may you share the error details? As long as DMS replication instance can connect to the database, there should be no issue. If it is related to Networking specific, reaching to Networking group might help you further.

answered 4 months ago
  • Test Endpoint failed: Application-Status: 1020912, Application-Message: Cannot connect to ODBC provider ODBC general error., Application-Detailed-Message: RetCode: SQL_ERROR SqlState: HY000 NativeError: 2003 Message: unixODBCODBC 8.0(w) DriverCan't connect to MySQL server on '' (110)

  • I'm guessing that the host is your on-premises host. Are you sure the host is listening on port 3306? Did you configure a different port?


Could the client vpn not be able to use the DMS service?? not site to site...

answered 4 months ago

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