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Hello, I accidentally deleted the automatically created HostedZone for my .it domain. I created a new HostedZone and it assigned a new NS record with a different NameServer. Then I updated the Name server in Route53Console/Registered Domains/ Servers to what the HostedZone assigned to it. Did I do the correct procedure? If so, how much time will it take for the Name servers to update? If not, how can I restore the original HostedZone?

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First part of your quesions which appears you have done the correct configuration.

AWS has over 100 edge locations Route 53 with DNS name servers that answer queries from clients. When you update a record set in your hosted zone, the change is propagated to all Route edge locations within 60 seconds.

You can use the whois tool to confirm that you recrive the desired response:

$whois <domain name> | grep 'Name Server'

You can also flush your DNS cache of your local machine.

To recover the deleted hosted zone, please follow the link:

Please update me with your solutions.

answered 9 days ago
  • Hi, looks like I did the correct procedure. After the name server update finished and flushing my DNS's the record became available. Thanks for the answer


Thank you for the good news!

answered 9 days ago

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