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/'Undefined' Skipped rows error in Quicksite/

'Undefined' Skipped rows error in Quicksite


Hey, I tried to import data into quick site, but unfortunately - Many rows were skipped due to undefined error.

This is the message I got: "Import failed: Too many rows were skipped while importing data into SPICE. Review your data and try again." "Error Summary Summary 0% (0 rows) were skipped out of a total of 0 rows. Skipped Rows 10497 rows where an undefined exception occurred."

In the Errors file I download, all rows errors' were undefined.

What might be the reasons for it?

asked 13 days ago11 views
1 Answers

Hello, Thank you for reaching out to Repost. The error code "UNDEFINED" is mentioned here -> which is "An unknown error occurred while ingesting data." .The issue analysis will need to be based on your specific dataset /its type/ source where its coming from etc. The best course of action is to create a support case in the Support Center and share details of your dataset , and one of the engineers can take a closer look at what is happening in your environment.

answered 12 days ago

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