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I bought a domain in an external domain registrar. For this domain I created a public hosted zone in Route53. I added the route53 hosted zone nameservers to the domain registrar so that it can route traffic to route53.

I have now created inside Lightsail: a Wordpress Instance, a Load Balancer, and a DNS zone. When creating the DNS zone, it provided me with 4 nameservers to direct traffic to the zone. Now I want to route traffic from my Route53 public hosted zone to the Lightsail DNS zone. How can I do this?

Do I have to add the Lightsail DNS zone nameservers to the Route53 Nameservers records? This is the architecture diagram of what I want:

Architecture Image

ps: I have other working records in my Route53 public hosted zone so I cannot change the domain registrar nameservers to point to the lightsail dns zone.

Thank you.

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You can’t have more than one set of zones authoritative in DNS. Either route 53 will be your name servers for your zone or light sail will.

Just create the dns record for Wordpress and the alb etc in route53. That is a supported setup.

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answered 3 months ago
  • As I commented in the comment right above this one, Route53 is not able to find my Lightsail Load Balancer, even tho I am correctly selecting the options. Can you please confirm?

  • Create an alias record in Route53 and paste in the DNS Name as the endpoint ID for the correct region, or You can do this by , obtaining your ALB DNS Name from lightsail, in route 53 create a new CNAME record, paste the DNS Name into value box..

    Just tested it myself and works fine


Your R53 DNS record can be an alias type and that will point to your Application load balancer in Lightsail. Here is the source:

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answered 3 months ago
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reviewed 3 months ago
  • I think this documentation is no longer up to date. When I try to create the A record in Route53 via an Alias, it does not find my Lightsail Load Balancer. It displays "No resources found". I am pretty sure I am selecting the correct options "Alias to Application and Classic Load Balancer" and "us-east-2" region. Could you please confirm?

  • The way I read the instructions is that you will have to either enter it manually or copy/paste the DNS name from the lightsail console into that box. The box will not include the resource as a drop down list.


If you have your Route53 Public zone created for your registered domain, then that is enough for you to create a record and point that record to resolve to your Lightsail instance IP. Follow this:

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answered 3 months ago
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reviewed 3 months ago
  • This solutions does not work for me because I need to have 2 instances up and a Load Balancer in front to distribute the traffic. I also need the Load balancer to use SSL communication so I need to have it in place. I am trying to directly route from my Route53 hosted zone to the lightsail dns zone.


I had an issue when I moved a DNS zone from LightSail to Route53. Possibly the resolution will help your situation. Scenario: Moving a domain from another registrar to Route53. A LightSail DNS zone already existed pointing to a LightSail instance. My original DNS records already updated to use the LightSail NS records and with A pointing to the LightSail instance IP. This setup was working. Actions:

  • : Transfer the domain to AWS via Route53 wizard. Success.
  • : Lower TTL for NS and other records in the LightSail zone.
  • : Setup Route53 Hosted Zone. Imported Lightsail zone records using the very helpful script here.
  • : After TTL expired, delete LightSail Zone.

Result: Route53 set up with Hosted Zone correctly. But 3 days later, still the domain was not resolving.

Tried using the LightSail NS records in the Route53 Zone - bad idea, didn't work, unglued things further.
Deleted and re-created the Route53 Hosted Zone - did not help
Every doc/post I could find on the subject didn't help either.

In the LightSail dashboard, I noticed a new entry for the Registered Domain (see images), with a warning about there being no LS DNS Zone for it and two options to manage the registration in either LightSail or Route53. I chose LightSail expecting it to not work because there is no DNS zone for the domain in LightSail and I'd already spent time checking it in Route53.. It did work and showed the four original LightSail NS records, which were editable.
I changed them to the Route53 NS records and bingo! dig started showing answers. Fixed.


  • The Registration of the domain through Route53 automatically created a record of the registration in LightSail.
  • It did not create a LightSail DNS Zone because it already existed.
  • When I deleted the DNS Zone in LightSail, I thought I had deleted the zone - but apparently not! There is some NS information in the Registered Domain record which is 'in the resolution chain'. It isn't documented as far as I can tell.
  • It was an action in Route53 that created the Registered Domain record in LightSail - why did it use LightSail NS records?
  • It should be documented that this record is somehow over-riding the Route53 NS records.

LightSail Dashboard The Registered Domain records.

Manage Two choices for management.

Not a DNZ zone record The NS records in a place that isn't a zone but is acting like one !

I hope this helps someone, John

answered a month ago

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