Workdocs user invite getting expired within 2 days


The workdocs invite sent to external users are getting expired within 2 days. Can you please help in this?

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I understand you have sent the work docs invite to external users and the invites get expired in two days.

Below I would like to address your direct question--

Since it's optional to set an expiry date on the invitation link as shown here [1], the administrator is the one who can control if the link can expire or not ,so in this case , you need to send a new link with no expiration date.

i hope i was able to help.

Reference link


answered 2 years ago
  • Thanks Steven! But I'm unable to find the option to change the link expiry date as detailed in the reference link. Can you help me to identify where exactly i could find the option? Is it somewhere within the admin control Panel?

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