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Hi, I am looking to use Kinesis data for my use case which involves video streams. I noticed that GStreamer plugin is available for Kinesis Video. Is there a similar support to push data to Kinesis data stream?

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Are you looking for a library that will push video to Kinesis Video Streams or are you looking for a library that will push video to Kinesis Data Streams?

If it is Kinesis Data Streams, then there is the Kinesis Producer Library -

Github location is

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answered 2 months ago
  • I am looking for GStreamer library that pushes data to Kinesis Data Stream instead of pushing data to Kinesis Video. I see a GStreamer plugin that exists for Kinesis Video ( but I would like to push the video stream to Kinesis Data instead.

  • Kinesis Video Streams is the right service for handling video. Kinesis Data Streams is not meant for handling video streams. It has a limit of 1MB for a particular message. What is your use-case for handling video streams with Kinesis Data Streams, if I may ask? We may be able to provide the correct recommendation if you can provide some details about what is it that you are trying to achieve?

  • Thanks! I am using Kinesis data streams for other use cases and I am very happy with how it performs. Kinesis Video will be a completely new addition to our dependencies if I use it for video use case. Since it is new service for us, I will have to experiment and let it bake with our internal environment before we make use of it. Perhaps knowing a bit more about architecture of the service will help ease the worry of a new dependency. Is Kinesis Video built on top of Kinesis data? Are there any documents/blogs that provide more architecture related info on it?

  • If you go to the documentation page for Kinesis Video Streams and scroll down all the way to the bottom, you will see a section on Blog Posts.

    You can also take a look at content on this service in the resources page -

  • I looked through those blogs but none of them seem to go into details of architecture. Can you please help answer these questions so that I can make a decision.

    • Is Kinesis video is built on top of Kinesis Data? If not, do they have similar architecture for messaging and persistence?
    • Besides the support for > 1 MB message size, are there other reasons why Kinesis Video is preferable over other popular messaging technologies (such as Kinesis Data stream, Kafka etc) for video streams?


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