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NiceDCV/AppStream with multiple viewers


Hey everyone,

I've got a customer who does interactive art installations, using mostly gaming engines (Unreal and Unity primarily). They have an ask for mutliple viewers to a NiceDCV stream, on the order of 3-5 viewers, not hundreds/thousands. I can't see an obvious way to have multiple clients attach with NiceDCV.

IVS is <3 seconds latency, but this will be too slow for them to be able to use it.

They currently use gamelift for server-side state for several workloads and would otherwise have multiple instances (on-prem/appstream/ec2+niceDCV) staying in sync via a gamelift server. But in this case avatar control is out-of-band and they have a single shared viewport across multiple sites instead, so it would be a waste of resources and we'd love to be able to avoid that.

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If the requirement is to have multiple viewers watching the same session, by default NICE DCV does allow multiple clients to connect to the same session.
See the table with the session parameters here.

answered a year ago

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