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I am planning on using Timestream instead of RDS for my website. I have historic data ranging back four months. Under normal operations I would have a memory store retention of maybe 24 hours as there won't be any data arriving later than that.

To ingest the historic data I would increase it to a four months, ingest the data and then decrease it again. Is that the appropriate approach? What effect would decreasing the memory store retention have?

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Hi Sebastian,

Yes, that is correct. You should create the table with memory store retention of four months, ingest the historical data, and then decrease the retention to 24 hours. Amazon Timestream will asynchronously move the historical data to the magnetic tier once you drop the memory store retention window. Note that you should create the table with the four month memory tier retention rather than increasing this limit on an existing table to avoid encountering the behavior described in

Thanks for your interest and support in Amazon Timestream!

answered 2 years ago

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