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Domain not connecting


Hi guys,

I've created a Zone on Route 53 placing my elastic IP and on my registrar the 4 NS that was there but after more than a day it's still not connecting. Any advice?


On my security group inbound I have the 5 permissions and 1 on outbound (the ones with 0's"

1 Answers


I understand that you are unable connect to your domain.

Please perform a nslookup or dig to confirm is your domain is resolving to an IP address

$ nslookup domainName

If the domain resolves to the an IP address then the issue is related to connecting to the IP and not DNS

As a workaround please see the attached document [1] to troubleshoot the issue.

You can do a whois lookup, this is to identify that your domain registrar has updated the name server you have provided.

I hope this helps



answered a month ago
  • Hi, I got this:

    Server: 172.31.0.[PRIVATE] Address: 172.31.0.[PRIVATE]#53

    Non-authoritative answer: Name: Address: 3.12.91.[ELASTIC IP]

    Still not working...

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