AMI 2023 XFTP connect problem


i started a new AMI 2023 instance, and i can connect with putty with the key with ec2-user, but can't connect with xftp, it shows error: The selected user key is not registered in the remote host. Try again.

old AMI instance are works well, and all AMI 2023 have this problem

please help on this, thanks so much

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Sometimes, older versions of clients like Xshell or XFTP may not support the latest security protocols or configurations used by newer AMI instances. The solution could be as simple as updating your XFTP or Xshell to the latest version. Additionally, ensure that the username is correct for the AMI type you're using and that the private key permissions are properly set. It's also important to verify the key format and ensure it's compatible with XFTP.

For more info check this out:

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answered a month ago


I'd advise you to follow this guidance to fix this problem:

I'd also suggest that you read the doc regarding key registration on EC2 given the error message that you face.



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answered a month ago

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