Processes in ECS container go to sleep mode


Here is what we want to do: We want to establish a WebSocket with our Market Maker. Through this WebSocket we receive a stream of price quotes. These quotes should be batched to batches of 1KB and written into TimeStream.

Here is our architecture set-up: We created a NodeJS application running on an ECS container. This app opens the WebSocket, listens to all new price quotes and batches them to arrays of 1KB and writes them to TimeStream.

Here is our problem:

  • Container has been running for about 20 hours and it is in healthy state, but all processes are in sleep mode which caused an issue because data are no longer fetch from web socket
  • Attaching to container and hitting healthcheck endpoint by curl localhost:3000/health return OK. I assume that this server process is the only thing that keeps container alive
  • What is the entrypoint/cmd of your container? Is your NodeJS app running as a server listening for outside requests or it is running a client that connects to the outside source to retrieve some data and process it?

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