API Gateway multiple Cognito pools Authorizer Error


Hi, I am using AWS CLI to run this command


aws apigateway create-authorizer --rest-api-id "cxxxxxxb" --name "spool-finder-sp-admin" --type COGNITO_USER_POOLS --provider-arns "arn:aws:cognito-idp:us-east-1:xxxxxx:userpool/us-east-1_XXXXXXXX" "arn:aws:cognito-idp:us-east-1:XXXXX:userpool/us-east-1_XXXXXXXX" "arn:aws:cognito-idp:us-east-1:xxxxxxxx:userpool/us-east-1_XXXXXXXX" --identity-source "method.request.header.Authorization"

But get this error

An error occurred (ConflictException) when calling the CreateAuthorizer operation: Unable to complete operation due to concurrent modification. Please try again later.

Scenario is I have to add 3 cognito pools as authorizer in my API Gateway via CLI.

1 Answer

Are you passing this from a Windows machine? If not can you try replacing the double quotes with single quotes or no quotes - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/userguide/cli-usage-parameters-quoting-strings.html

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answered 3 months ago

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